A Guide to Restful Sleep in Motherhood

Though most babies sleep through the night by the time they turn one, it’s important for mamas to optimize their sleep, especially in those early days of postpartum where frequent and unpredictable wakings are common. 

Research shows sleep deprivation exacerbates symptoms of perinatal mood & anxiety disorders. Five hours of uninterrupted sleep every 24 hours is physiologically imperative for healthy functioning in a normal adult. This isn’t impossible- even with a newborn! 

What’s Included?

This guide dives deeper into the research and importance of protecting your sleep, how to achieve restful sleep, and a worksheet to create and track your own sleep plan.


62% of new parents say their #1 stressor is exhaustion. This guide is perfect for families looking to prioritize sleep in the infant stages. This is not a sleep plan for babies but rather a sleep support guide for mothers. Will you still be waking up in the middle night to tend to babies or older kiddos, likely! But let’s get you the best rest we can with the available hours.

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