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Becoming a mother can be lonely. When joy is expected in this season, it can be hard to navigate other emotions in your new identity through the fog of sleepless nights, fear of judgement, and pursuit of unattainable perfectionism. You are not alone, mama. The Matrescence community was created to help virtually connect with women who are in the depths of motherhood right alongside you in a private and safe space. 


Our community is designed to support women in ALL stages! Do you have a birth plan? Did you plan a registry and nursery design? Then you should probably consider a 4th trimester plan. You won’t find fear mongering here, just real moms sharing what worked for them, and expert advice on how to mentally and emotionally prepare for the biggest transition of your life!
Absolutely not. Hi, we’re Megan & Lauren both moms of 3 and we still need support. There are challenges and triumphs at every stage of motherhood and we’re here to support and celebrate you along the way!
Absolutely! We have resources for every stage of motherhood including preconception. If you are navigating fertility struggles or loss there is a community of mama’s who have been there and are ready to connect! You are not alone, mama.

By offering select resources, workshops, and bundles as a separate purchase we are able to make our community access more accessible.  If you’re looking for community support this is a huge value at less than $1 a day!  We promise you deserve it.  You can cancel at any time – no hard feelings!  If you’re looking to address an isolated issue you might be more interested in our resources.  Still have questions?  Shoot us an email

We’re here to educate, empower, and encourage you through your unique matrescence. The content and information shared by The Matrescence, LLC is informational and meant for educational purposes only. This information does not replace advice of your licensed healthcare provider. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease and should not be used as a replacement for the advice of your own licensed and qualified medical, mental health, or legal professional. The Matrescence, LLC is not liable for advice utilized from this platform or workshop without proper consultation from your medical provider.

No worries! When we say “come as you are” we mean it! Seriously, there’s almost always a nursing mama, a mama finally sitting down to feed herself, mamas laying with their littles for nap/bedtime, listening with an earbud in while she loads the dishwasher or goes for a walk, this time is for you but as we all know momming never really stops.

Expert-curated education free from mommy blogger opinions.  Don’t hear us wrong, we love a good mommy blogger to know where to get the cutest outfits at the best deals.  BUT we want our health and wellness education to come from the experts who have dedicated their careers to serving women. Our library covers topics from breastfeeding + pumping support, medications that are safe for pregnant and lactating women (plus direct access to a neonatal pharmacist – seriously! she’s amazing and this is worth the membership investment x100), how to differentiate clinical anxiety from ‘normal’ mama-worry and so much more!

Those letters behind their name.  You bet they earned those and our experts are super passionate about educating and serving women alongside us.  Check them out here. Are you an expert?  Fill out the form to connect with us, we love meeting like minded professionals.

Same, mama, same. The community is here for you when you need it. You control the pace at which you consume and engage. Some mamas are super active on the discussion boards and others prefer to observe as innocent bystanders. Lauren is an extroverted open book. Megan is more of an introvert and keeps her feelings close to her heart. We understand everyone is different and that is why we’ve created benefits to suit everyone’s unique matrescence.

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