FREE Workshop: Combatting Pediatric Worries + Anxiety In A High-Stress World

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Join us and child psychotherapist, Lindsey Murray, as we discuss navigating difficult times and conversations with our children.  The world can feel lonely & scary right now and we might not be the only one’s trying to figure out how to cope!  Lindsey is a licensed counselor specializing in anxiety in children.  This is a free workshop open to the general public – invite your friends!

  • How to talk to your kids about the hard stuff
  • Signs to watch for to identify excessive worry + anxiety
  • Creating a sense of safety in the world
mother with eyes closed pressing her face up against her infant to calm her anxious feelings

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Anxious, Mama?

Mama, You’ve Got This: Learn How to Distinguish Everyday Mom Worries from Clinical Anxiety – Straight from a Mental Health Expert!