23 Wellness Tips to Bring Into The New Year

a wellness tip for the new year is to use less toxins in your home
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New Year's resolutions don't have to feel impossible to maintain. We've got you covered with our easy to implement wellness tips.

As we enter the New Year it is important to set intentions. Your goals don’t have to feel unattainable. Small, daily changes can make a major impact to your mental and physical wellness.

If you’re hoping to start fresh this new year and get in the habit of making healthy choices, we’ve created a list of wellness tips to focus on self-care and get you back on track to feeling your best.

drinking water before coffee lowers cortisol levels

1. Water before coffee.

We love coffee too mama but hear us out. Cortisol levels are naturally highest in the morning upon waking to help you feel alert and begin to dwindle throughout the day.

Coffee also stimulates cortisol production, the double whammy can elevate stress levels having adverse effects on the body, and leaving you feeling sluggish later in the day (3 pm crash anyone?!) It’s best to wait one hour upon waking before consuming coffee.

Here are a few ideas while you’re waiting for that cup of joe: drink more water, get morning light, name three things you’re grateful for, and set your intentions for the day.

2. Come back to your breath.

Meditating can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental clarity, and boost overall wellness.  Read our full blog post on the power of mindfulness and meditation here.

3. Connection and Community.

The power of community in motherhood is undeniable; it has been proven to grant immense amounts of solace, companionship and support to women in all stages of motherhood. Make friendship a priority this new year.

Through the shared experiences that can only come from understanding and being understood, mothers are able to better cope with the mental and physical demands of parenting; they also have an invaluable resource to turn to when facing difficult decisions or looking for guidance.  We’d love for you to join our membership community!

4. Revisit your relationship with alcohol.

Do you find yourself tapping on alcohol for a quick-fix when you’re feeling anxious or uptight? Alcohol is a go-to anxiety tool for many people. It’s quick, and honestly– it’s effective… but only TEMPORARILY and then actually potentiates anxiety in the long-term.  Are you interested in exploring a sober-curious lifestyle?  Check out this guide from our friend Tori!

mocktails can be a healthier option when trying to reduce alcohol intake

5. Commit to daily movement.

We’re not talking about a 60 minute sweaty cardio session.  Even 10 minutes of daily movement has been proven to improve your mood.  Need a little motivation?  Listen to our episode with HERself Podcast

6. Prioritize sleep.

Yep, we said it!  We know the newborn stage is HARD.  Sleep deprivation is linked to PMAD’s and your overall mood.  Learn more here.

7. Eat foods that boost your mood. 

Check out our grocery list recommendations!

8. Reduce or eliminate blue light 2 hours before bedtime. 

If you can’t avoid screentime in the evening hours purchase these blue light blocking glasses.

9. Reduce screentime.

Stop the scroll and avoid the comparison trap in motherhood!

committing to daily movement, meditation, and gratitude in the new year

10. Practice gratitude.

11. Use affirmations.

12. Redefine self-care.

13. Stimulate the vagus nerve. 

14. Nourish your body with whole foods.

15. Get more of the sunshine vitamin (Vitamin D).

16. Enhance your supplement regimen

We’re big fans of Needed – use our code THEMATRESCENCE and receive 20% off your order!

17. Define your values.

Stop people pleasing and set out to forge your own path.  Our membership community is chock full of valuable resources to help you define and live by your values.

a wellness tip for the new year is to use less toxins in your home

18. Live in alignment

19. Say ‘no’ more often

20. Reduce toxins in your home

We partnered with Branch Basics to help eliminate toxins in our home.  Use our code THEMATRESCENCE for 15% off your starter kit!

21. Set boundaries

22. Get outdoors

23. Consider therapy

Trust us, therapy is cool!  The Matrescence is proud to partner with BetterHelpBetterHelp Therapists are there when you need them no matter your preference for communication message, chat, phone, or video. Use code: thematrescence for 15% off your first month!

As a BetterHelp affiliate, we may receive compensation from BetterHelp if you purchase products or services through the links provided.

Whether you try one or all of these wellness tips, we hope you feel encouraged to make positive changes this new year. 

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Picture of Lauren Hays, PMHNP

Lauren Hays, PMHNP

Lauren was a licensed and trained registered nurse in the NICU and has since made a career shift to focus on mental health. Lauren is now a board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, focusing on women’s health and wellness. She is a mom of three precious little men who has turned her pain into passion.

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