Guided Meditations for Mothers and How to Find One for You

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Meditations for Mothers and How to Find One for You

Top Meditation Apps for Moms

Today, we’ll explore the digital landscape of mindfulness, where popular platforms like Calm, Headspace, and Insight Timer are well-known with their universal approach to meditation. But for the mom seeking solace in the inevitable storms of parenthood, there’s now a cozy spot tailored just for you—The Matrescence®.

At The Matrescence®, you’ll access short, actionable meditations that speak to the busy mom. Join a community where the bonds of motherhood strengthen mental well-being through peer support. Discover resources covering topics from sleep to anxiety, created by experts who truly understand maternal health. The Matrescence® isn’t just an app; it’s a comforting and comprehensive space for those navigating the beautiful, yet often overwhelming, journey of matrescence, or process of becoming a mother. Join us as we reveal how moms can find more than just mindfulness—they can find a space just for mama.

First let’s take a look at other mindfulness apps you might know about!


  • Large library of meditations to choose from
  • Great for experienced meditators
  • Meditation reminders
  • Includes videos for kids
  • Includes music scape
  • The daily meditations are about 10 minutes long, so if you’re just beginning to meditate, you may be tempted to skip it.
  • Payment information required upfront
  • General content created for the masses not curated specifically for mothers
  • Knowing where to start can feel daunting
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  • Includes modalities to reduce stress outside of meditation including yoga, affirmations and nature soundscapes
  • Excellent free version with over 1,000 meditations
  • Includes a community hub
  • Includes stories for kids and teens
  • Ability to deepen your practice by connecting with mentors
  • Their massive library can make it overwhelming to begin
  • Many meditations feel geared towards more advanced meditators
  • General content created for the masses not curated specifically for mothers


  • Well-organized, easy to navigate
  • Includes targeted tracks, such as ‘anxiety at work’
  • Includes many short tracks to fit into your busy schedule
  • Includes videos for kids and teens
  • User-friendly design
  •  No free content once your free trial ends
  • Payment information is required up front
  • The ‘to-do list’ structure of the app can feel overwhelming and defeating to busy moms who can’t pop into the app multiple times a day
  • General content created for the masses not curated specifically for mothers
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The Matrescence®

  • Created by moms, for moms 
  • Custom, actionable mindfulness activities, including meditations and breathwork, made specifically for mothers
  • Specific guided meditations for various common stressors women face such as sleep struggles, breastfeeding, and being a more present and gentle mother
  • Simple, intuitive user-interface to start a meditation practice as a busy mama 
  • An array of mindfulness based stress reduction activities ranging from one minute and up to 20 minutes to ensure even the busiest mama can find time for inner peace
  • Mama and Me catalog to teach your kids the power of mindfulness
  • Includes educational content from accredited maternal health experts including education on depression, baby blues, postpartum anxiety, lactation support, pelvic floor health and preparing for the fourth trimester
  • Curated selection of meditations vs abundance of options
  • Content is focused on the motherhood journey
  • Personal progress tracking not yet available (coming soon!)
  • Simplified user experience
working mom meditating

Some of Our Most Popular Meditations for Mothers on The Matrescence App

Working Mother

Pumping at Work Meditation – For those days when your meetings are stacked back to back and you need a moment of calm to help with your let down and reset!

Balancing Working Motherhood + Pumping Meditation – Have you ever questioned, “how in the world can I do at all?” This quick meditation will help you change your mindset during a pump session!

Pre Meeting Jitters – It’s designed to show yourself kindness and remind you that you’re a bad a** mama!

Transitioning Back to “mom mode” – Listen to this meditation on your commute home or before you reunite with your children to gently transition back to your role of mom.

Reset Before Reuniting With Your Kids – Let go of any unhelpful thoughts and come back to the present.


Gratitude Meditation – Parenting is challenging and beautiful, use this quick meditation to reflect on all of the positive things in your life no matter how big or small!

Calming Meditation – The perfect guided session when you feel your heart race or start noticing unhelpful thoughts.

Mindful Wake Up – This morning meditation is the perfect way to bring awareness to your body, you’ll want to start everyday with this gentle wake up.

Walking Meditation – New to meditation or have a hard time sitting still? Try this walking meditation!  

Release Negative Energy – Shift your mindset from negative to positive by honoring and releasing negative thoughts.


Embracing Change – A mindfulness meditation encouraging you to embrace the only constant, change.

Evening Wind Down – Perfect for beginners!  Take 5 minutes before your head hits the pillow to signal to your body it’s time to rest.

Strength Meditation – The confidence every mother needs to get through a tough season, because stressors in parenthood are inevitable.

Patience Meditation – Ever wish you reacted differently to your child?  A helpful tool to promote patience.


Re-centering After a Challenging Parenting Moment – Help manage everyone’s big emotions by re-centering yourself before reengaging with your child.

Walking Meditation For You & Your Fussy Baby – Dealing with a baby battling fatigue and can’t get them to settle?  Grab the stroller or your baby carrier and head out for a walking meditation.

Peaceful Meditation to Support a Let Down While Breastfeeding – Reward yourself for the full time job that is breastfeeding by enjoying this 

Mama and Me

Goodnight Toes – Unwind with your littles. This meditation and body scan is a great way to start developing a healthy night time routine together!

Mama & Me Gratitude – Inspire your kiddos to practice gratitude by completing this meditation together.

Happiness & Peace – A loving-kindness meditation your child can carry with them throughout the day to promote compassion for themselves and others.

Mr. Worry Pants – Curious little minds can develop anxious thoughts. This short and effective guided session helps your child care for themselves by identifying feelings.

Make Meditation A Positive Part of Your Day and See How it Can Benefit Your Entire Family

In conclusion, meditation offers a sanctuary of calm and clarity amidst the beautiful chaos of motherhood. As we’ve explored the various apps, it’s clear that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to meditation for mothers. The key lies in experimenting with different techniques and finding what resonates with your unique journey and needs. Whether it’s through guided imagery, mindfulness, affirmations, or movement meditations, each practice holds the potential to significantly enhance your well-being, patience, and connection with yourself and your loved ones. Remember, dedicating time to your mental and emotional health is not a luxury—it’s an essential part of nurturing both you and your family. So, embark on this journey of discovery with an open heart and mind, and allow the transformative power of meditation to unfold in your life as a mother. With each breath and moment of stillness, you’re not only strengthening yourself but also laying the foundation for a calm, compassionate, and resilient family environment.

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Picture of Lauren Hays, PMHNP

Lauren Hays, PMHNP

Lauren was a licensed and trained registered nurse in the NICU and has since made a career shift to focus on mental health. Lauren is now a board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, focusing on women’s health and wellness. She is a mom of three precious little men who has turned her pain into passion.

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